Monday, December 22, 2008

is there a flood coming and someone forgot to tell me?!

some months ago i was on an out-of-state jaunt with bob in the tractor trailer, and saw this. it begs to be blogged. pictures first, commentary after. shall we then?

where do i begin? first of all, "rebuilding" noah's ark with steel girders is like cheating, i really don't think noah had access to power tools and whatnot. secondly, this can only be the work of some church or other - wouldn't their money be MUCH better spent on aiding the homeless or blockading an abortion clinic or something? (one of those suggestions was sarcastic, i'll let my discerning readers figure out which one.) in the third place, did the crucifixion and noah's ark building occur simultaneously, and i just misread the bible? because the construction of the triad of crosses in the forefront seems like revisionist history. and lastly, and quite simply, WHY? other than to provide me with amusement and blog fodder of course, i find no understanding of this.

do note the redneck noah busily painting the crosses by the way...i suspect he did not appreciate the tractor trailer that stopped on the side of the interstate, nor the oddly dressed girl who got out of it to merrily take pictures of his "ark" matter, perhaps he thought he won my heart for jesus through his sweaty sleeveless shirted labor of love...humans are so ridiculously fascinating, aren't they?